As the very name suggests this type of paving blocks is obtained by using the washing technology, where by refining top surface of fresh concrete small stone grains are exposed. By using of high quality, colorful aggregates the surface gets an unique look.

Washed paving blocks are produced using high-quality, elegant aggregates, available in natural, beautiful and very original colors. The uniqueness of such blocks lies in the unveiling of noble and colorful aggregates.

The surface takes on a new character, becomes a truly stylistic arrangement.Products obtained by using washing technology are great solutions for terraces, patios and paths around the property. Washed texture and fine-grained aggregates give the space an elegant and discreet style.


Copywriting: Mesago Italia Realization: Elefont


The company MESAGO ITALIA is a company importing stone directly from the manufacturers and owners of quarries so promising markets like India, China, Turkey, Brazil. The most important asset of the company is very good knowledge of the markets of southern Europe. Many years of experience in the stone garden gives us the ability to offer a wide range at competitive prices. Customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction is always our priority!