Non-absorbent, frost-resistant, non-slippery and what is more: durable, elegant and very original. These are just natural stone carpets. They have much more advantages…

Natural stone carpets are made of pebbles or marble mosaic combined with resins. This solution offers almost endless opportunities to create any pattern  providing an original, modern look and excellent performance. Stone carpets are non-absorbent, frost-resistant (no icing), very durable and resistant to abrasion. They do not corrode, do not crack, they are free from discoloration and efflorescence. They are used for sidewalks, patios, stairs, ramps, balconies, as well as home flooring. There are anti-static, that is, do not attract dust and thus do not cause allergies.

Stone carpet is a modern alternative to traditional wood flooring, panels or ceramic tiles. Stone floor has warmth to it and it also adapts to the surrounding pleasant temperature. It is also ideal for use with under floor heating due to its structured nature.


Copywriting: Mesago Italia Realization: Elefont


The company MESAGO ITALIA is a company importing stone directly from the manufacturers and owners of quarries so promising markets like India, China, Turkey, Brazil. The most important asset of the company is very good knowledge of the markets of southern Europe. Many years of experience in the stone garden gives us the ability to offer a wide range at competitive prices. Customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction is always our priority!