Resistant to abrasion, widely used in the construction industry, as well as decorative and garden elements - they must be lastryko and terrazzo.

Lastryko (polished decorative concrete) is a building material. It is obtained as a mixture of cement, dye, water and stone aggregates. It sets in the form of a concrete slab or a screed. Once it is set, it is grinded and polished. This mixture creates a strong and hard surface. Lastryko can be used as a surface for stairs and floors. Lastryko products are used not only in residential and office buildings, but also eg. in the production halls. Polished concrete floors can be used for stairways, basement floors, balconies, e.t.c.You can also use them for elegant and eye-catching window sills.

Terrazzo – decorative floors made in innovative technology. By using suitable materials, their setting takes place almost instantly. Individual selection of aggregates and extremely rich palette of colors allows to create beautiful, unique and exclusive floors. What is important, it is still characterized by high quality and high resistance to abrasion. Terrazzo is best suited for low- and middle-traffic areas, such as businesses and hotels lobbies, offices.


Copywriting: Mesago Italia Realization: Elefont


The company MESAGO ITALIA is a company importing stone directly from the manufacturers and owners of quarries so promising markets like India, China, Turkey, Brazil. The most important asset of the company is very good knowledge of the markets of southern Europe. Many years of experience in the stone garden gives us the ability to offer a wide range at competitive prices. Customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction is always our priority!